sarahahoyt (sarahahoyt) wrote,

To Sleep, Perchance

One of those odd nights -- does anyone else have these?  No, Sarah, just you -- where I felt I slept too deeply and woke up as though I were at the bottom of a deep dark well, holding myself so resolutely "in" that my shoulders hurt from the strain.  No idea what these nights are all about.  Not going to give my head to anyone for shrinking, but I do hate them...

So, I've told you all I'm trying to finish the book, even as I try to do laundry, all before the fateful, fast approaching date to head South and East.  The question is... what novel I'm trying to finish.

Well, those of you who visit the diner know.  It takes place somewhere around 300 or so years after DST.  Things have changed.  For one space colonization has happened.  There are probably around 60 human worlds.  (How did the population expand that much.  Well, they have bio-wombs, but there are other reasons, though nothing you'll hear of until Doc Les Johnson and I have time to finish a proposal we started mulling at ConStellation last year. -- wink.)  Meanwhile Earth has become sort of a globular Belgium (at least in Belgium's dreams) from which the human worlds are run.  So, why don't the other worlds -- many of which are explicit "states" of an entity called Human Worlds, the others are colonies, and some are trying very hard to be free worlds.  Others frankly, no one wants -- kick free.  Well, because Earth has an iron clad grip on the means of transport.  Or at least on the men trained to make the transport work.

Anyway -- it's complex. Perhaps too complex.  To make things better, I'm stuck with an inadvertent unreliable narrator.  Inadvertent how?  Well, she doesn't know what she doesn't know.  And a counterpoint character who is slipperier than a heel and who had me fooled for a great part of this.  So...

In case you wonder, yes, indeed, I DO still have some hair.  Things fell in place beautifully about two days ago, but I'm trying to connect all the bits I have, before I forget all the twisty linky parts.
Tags: tb&tf, vacation, writing

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