November 13th, 2008

The writer is jealous of the cat – a not quite story.

It is a well known fact that all humans are jealous of cats. How could we not be? They’re more agile, more beautiful. Their minds can take in both casual cruelty and complete, serene rest.

When the writer looks up in the middle of the day and sees the little white and grey cat asleep on the chair next to hers, belly up, blissful whiskers trembling in the stream of his exhalations... How to resist getting up and tickling the fluffy dandelion belly?

The cats protects his belly with front paws and looks up at writer with confused blinking eyes as if to say aw. Let me sleep. What was so important you had to wake me?

After a moment he stretches. Since I’m up his walk says, as he bounces out the office door. I might as well see if there’s anything good in the old food bowl.

If the writer is very, very good, perhaps in another life, as a reward, she’ll come back as a small grey and white puffball of feline fluff.

In Which I Offend Everyone

Okay, I know you don’t think that’s possible, but trust me. The reason I keep quiet about anything even vaguely related to politics is not because I have no opinions.  Most of you have read my books.  Do you think I could have passion if I had no opinions?  The reason I keep quiet is because I have the sort of opinions that are guaranteed to offend ninety nine percent of people and make at least half of them go unhinged enough to attack my blog. This happens even when I’m NOT trying to saying anything political but merely expressing my opinion on school assignments, or culture, or inherited cultural characteristics, as I’m sure we all remember.

Thank heavens this time what I have to say has absolutely nothing to do with school assignments – or at least if it does my children haven’t told me about it, for which everyone should be grateful.

Ladies and gentlemen, aliens and dragons and those of you who are not quite sure what you are this evening, sit back – I’m afraid I have to address the topic of gay marriage. Yes, I do.

It started with the meme going around live journal where straight people were supposed to copy a phrase saying they didn’t feel threatened by gay marriage. I saw it and thought about it, and thought about writing about it before the election, but then I thought no, I’ll just offend both sides, and perhaps some sides no one knows exists.

You see, I despise the easy sloganeering conveyed by these memes. Like buttons and bumper stickers, they replace thought with sound bites. They are at once too easy and too ineffective. You copy and paste a sentence and you feel like you’ve done your duty, whatever that is. Reality is always far more complex, far more difficult and far more interesting.

And then proposition 8 passed in California. And since then there have been email hints, nudges and clearings of throats to the extent that one should, to be a decent person, say something.

So I’m saying something.

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